The Vegan world has gone nuts this year, it’s frickin amazing and I am so excited to see so many people adopting this cruelty-free  lifestyle! If you’re one of them (I assume so?) then do a little happy dance cos you’re changing the world! I’m often asked for my recommendations for people to follow on Instagram, so here is The Vegan Edit: best vegan instagram accounts – follow these legends for some epic vegan inspo!

Veganuary has kicked things up a gear, and it’s amazing to see so many high street restaurants now offering vegan menus – even the pizza joints now have vegan cheese – hell yes!! There are loads of awesome people sharing their passion in different ways, be it foodies, chefs, beauty bloggers or activists.  Here are my faves…

Vegan Lifestyle Bloggers

Kris Carr is a cancer survivor and huge advocate for the health benefits you can gain from a vegan diet. She is a yogi bear, motivator, , recipe developing power house!

The cold, winter nights have arrived where I live (brrr!), and I don’t know about you, but all I want to do is curl up and enjoy some cozy deliciousness by the fire. Good food, a great book and a whole lotta Netflix! . Many of us will be spending more time in our homes this season, craving the comfort of warmth and full-flavored nourishment. With that in mind, winter is the perfect time to hibernate and experiment in the kitchen, to fill our tummies with hearty plant-based goodness and love. . So today, I’m excited to share our latest and greatest #TestKitchenTuesday creation: Creamy Mushroom & Kale Pasta. This recipe so frickin’ out-of-this-world yummy! It’s the perfect dish to make and share. . As with all our #TestKitchenTuesday recipes, it’s easy to make and comes with a video tutorial to guide you along the way. Hop over to the blog to see just how easy it is to whip up this super yummy pasta. Without further ado, let’s make some creamy awesomeness together! . Tag someone you know who would love to cozy up with this creamy and hearty pasta dish!: (link in profile: @crazysexykris) . #recipes #TKT #veganfood #vegansofig #plantbased #whatveganseat #healthylifestyle

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Ellie Bullen is living the tropical dream in Bali and is always sharing her passion for delicious health food and super cute gypsey wanderlust style.

Some of my other favourites….

  • The Adventures of Jade – A real wild-child earth-loving and kind-hearted Vegan adventurer!
  • Kalel Kitten – Super cute fashion, beauty and food shares. Lots of #lifegoals and #inspo on this feed.

Badass Animal Activists

James Aspey is a reaalllly cool guy! Super inspiring and a great public speaker and activist. I’ve seen him talk four or five times now and I always learn loads. If you want to inspired to do more, share the vegan message and be more of a vegan badass then give James a follow.

‘Earthling Ed’ has been smashing it so far this year with his e-book jam packed with information on how to answer questions about Veganism. He is a great example on how to be a peaceful, kind and thoughtful activist and advocate for a Vegan World. I’d say this is properly one of the best vegan instagram accounts to follow for learning how to be a better activist and how best to communicate the message of Veganism. Ed is doing tonnes of amazing projects this year and travels all over the UK educating and inspiring.

Day 19: What if a vegan was stranded on a desert island? – 30 Days, 30 Excuses.

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Other inspirational activists that deserve a follow…

  • Joey Carbstrong – complete legend. Criminal offender turned animal rights activist – this guy is making waves!

Vegan Foodie Legends

I frickin love cooking, eating and talking about cooking and eating! Since starting a vegetarian then vegan diet, my cooking skills have grown so much and I try so many delicious recipes out with friends and family. The best vegan instagram accounts always include food for SURE. What better way to show how amazing and delicious a cruelty free diet can be than cooking up some recipes from this lot…

The brothers at BOSH tv have absolutely smashed it this year. They only started their channel just over a year ago and now have millions of subscribers. It just goes to show what is achievable when you are creating amazing content and showing that a vegan diet is limitless. Their recipes are the bomb!

Dana from Minimalist Baker is a big inspiration when I am trying to re-create a restaurant dish or need to cook for friends. I’ve never had one of her recipes let me down – always super delicious and easy too!

Other food bloggers I love to follow are  Aine Carlin and Oh She Glows. For my favourite Vegan Cookbooks from food wizards like these check this post here 🙂

Fit AF Vegan Fitness Inspo

Some of the best vegan instagram accounts showcase the amazing physiques you can achieve through a health vegan diet and active lifestyle. I love to keep fit and workout every day, and these fitties supply me with inspiration to stick to my plan and love my body by keeping it in the best shape possible!

This Glasgow gal Stefanie Moir is a hilarious bundle of energy, super honest, fun and energetic. Stef shares food reviews, workout plans and travels on her instagram and youtube channel. She makes me laugh so much and inspires me to do more crunches in the gym!

Oh hey Instagram, haven’t posted on you in a hot minute ? Had the craziest, busiest and most amazing start to 2018 with so much happening this month that content across Instagram and YouTube has been a tad sparse, but fear not a new What I eat in a Day video is coming at you tonight as I begin a little bit of a bulking series for you guys ? On another note, if you haven’t already seen the hype about the new @nikkiblackketter season 2 @gymshark line you must be living under a rock .. Nikki B x Gymshark Season 2 is dropping tomorrow Friday 26th at 3pm UK time and you do not want to miss it! The combination of this black sports bra and green joggers has got me feeling sassy AF (alongside my super duper bra from Ann Summers lolz) ?? Link will be in my bio tomorrow if you want to shop , and I know you want to ? #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #fitgirl #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation

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This guy is just WOW. Jon Venus is really into healthy eating and working out. I always show his instagram to my male friends who need some vegan inspo and also anyone who needs the ‘protein myth’ smashing. He does the job every time!

Other inspiring health and fitness accounts are No Meat Athlete and Brian Turner.

Conscious Celebs

There are loads of Hollywood stars, athletes and boss babes who are raving about their love of a vegan lifestyle. It’s great to see and I love the coverage the movement it getting through these new advocates. The newest member of the Vegan crew is, honestly he is so so funny shouting “V-Gang” on all his insta stories at the moment – long may it last! You HAVE to give him a follow if you don’t already!

Alicia Silverstone has a great wellness blog which I would recommend checking out, cute articles, great health tips and stories about a vegan lifestyle.

Look at this beautiful precious baby! ? I could never eat you sweet one. Factory cows are artificially impregnated in order for their bodies to produce milk. Calves of dairy cows are separated from their mothers less than 24 hours after birth! While the mothers are taken away to be abused for their fresh supply of milk, their babies are either raised to eventually replace their mommas as dairy cows (if it's a female) or taken away to be slaughtered for veal (if it's a male). They cry in agony for their babies! Can you imagine being separated from your child almost immediately after they're born? Please consider this next time you are thinking of purchasing dairy. There are so many fabulous alternatives available that are kind to your body, kind to our planet and animals, and taste just as delicious! ?: @danlemkus

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Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter, the legendary actress who played Luna is a Vegan Activist and podcaster.

✨ Light of my life ✨ Happy New Year, everyone ?

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Other famous animal loving celebs are Miley Cyrus , Ellen Degeneres , Arina Grande, Ellen Page – there are so many!

Give some of these legends a follow for more inspiration on a Vegan lifestyle.The Vegan Edit - Thanks for reading



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