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London Vegan Brunch: Favourite Eateries in Notting Hill

Brunching is what the weekends are made for, are you with me? There’s nothing better than quality time with friends or family and a table of great food. I love to start the day off with a tasty and nutritious breakfast, and laughs with my favourite people. The London vegan brunch scene is growing with more and more amazing places to go, and I’m slowly trying them all out!

I tend to do a lot of brunchย dates around Notting Hill, as there are some great shops, restaurants and fitness/yoga studios too. Easy to have a nicely rounded Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to do an early morning gym class at one of the boutique gyms, following by a healthy delicious brunch with friends. There’s noย better way to start the day! So, to help share some of the gems with you,ย I’ve pulled together my favourite eateries inย Notting Hill, where you’ll find the best Instagram worthy vegan brunches!

Daylesford Organic Cafe

I’d recommend theย protein porridge which is really delicious, and will keep you going until lunchtime whilst still feeling light on your tummy. ย It’s walnuts, black quinoa, raw cacao, coconut, vegan cashew cream, dates and pistachios. Topped with sliced apple too. I chose the ‘b green’ juice, as it is all vegatables. I avoid fruit juice as it is very sugary and without the fibre, especially likely to cause a sugar spike. The green juice contains cucumber, spinach, lime, parsley, mint, aloe vera. I find aloe vera really helpsย my digestion, so like to have a little shot of it each morning. Pukka do great organic aloe vera juice – all the goodness!


Best Brunch in London : Daylesford



Now if you haven’t been to Pharmacy, it’s about time you gave it a try. It’s really different to many other ‘healthy’ restaurants, and has a gorgeous interior and is super stylish. ย The menu is incredible and I love it here so much I’ve written a whole post about it which you can read here. If you need any further convincing I have two words for you…vegan pancakes.

Farmacy's Buckwhat Pancakes



The Bodyism Cafe is on the super stylish Westbourne Grove, so a great spot if you fancy a mooch around Portobello Market post feed. It’s a smaller cafe, so you won’t find a full vegan breakfast on the menu. However, you can get a delicious nutritious smoothie bowl topped with nut and seed granola, coconut flakes and fresh fruit. A great option for a quick and tasty brunch.

It’s owned by the Australian duo behind Clean & Lean, James & Christine Duigan. They’re really inspiring, and I’ve been following them both for years now. They’ve built an inspiring wellness empire, there’s now a studio at the cafe too so you can also book in a class.

Best London Vegan Brunch - Bodyism

Granger & Co

Now, as far as a London vegan brunch goes, this place certainly delivers. Whilst it’s a less ‘healthy’ place for those purests out there, it does serve carnist options, there are a few great vegan options on the menu. ย There is a fair bit of hype about this place, so there is usually a bit of a queue. Be prepared, and turn up early for a more relaxing start to the day. Even though it’s busy, the staff are great and this doesn’t effect service. ย There is a great section on the menu called Fruit & Grains which has delicious vegan options such as coconut yoghurt, chia pudding, and white miso porridge with coconut milk.ย My favourite is the Acai Bowl, with banana, berries and vegan granola.

Vegan Brunch London - Granger & Co


The best place to get fit food and a green juice on the go is definitely Crussh. However, the breakfast and brunching options are strong, and worth checking out too. ย The menu is super strong, and is regularly updated. You can get things like avocado bagel, banana and almond butter bagel, almond milk porridge, coconut and quinoa yoghurt and croats (yup.. carrot & sultana overnight oats – pretty relish actually!). I love the green juices too, and there are a tonne of awesome smoothie and juice options on the menu.

We love breakfast! The only struggle is picking a porridge topping…? ๐Ÿš #StartFit #Breakfast #FitFood #Healthy

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There are still a few of Notting Hill’s healthy eateries that I haven’t yet been to that are on my list to visit, so keep your eyes peeled as you’ll see these reviews up on the blog in a few weeks no doubt! The London vegan brunch scene is so on-point right now, and getting better every week. For now, I’m sure these lovelyย vegan hot spots will keep you busy.

Happy Brunching,

Ruth xx

London Review: Raw Press Cafe in Belgravia

There are so many lovely places to visit in Kensington & Chelsea, from the Saatchi Gallery to the Natural History Museum to the lovely shops of the Kings Road. There is something for everyone! Itโ€™s a great place to spend the day exploring on the weekend, and if the sun is shining itโ€™s even more delightful. When it comes to deciding where to re-fuel at Lunch, youโ€™re spoilt for choice. But if I were to pick one absolute gem in this area it would have to be Raw Press, located just off Sloane Square.

Raw Press offers nourishing salads, acai smoothie bowls, fresh organic cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks from The Hardihood (nutritious raw cakes that are to-die-for-delicious!). Like all our favourite cafรฉโ€™s, the menu includes nut-butters and avocado a plenty.ย  Seriously though, sweetcorn & avocado waffles? Yes please!

Raw Press Salad Spread
The โ€˜Superfood Barโ€™ is seriously impressive, and luckily you donโ€™t have to pick just one dish, you can have a bit of everything!ย  The chefs are always adding new recipes to the menu so youโ€™re unlikely to have the same thing twice. Think spiralised celeriac salad with cashew dressing, endive & radicchio salad with hemp seeds and pear, and โ€˜creamโ€™ of mushroom soup with freshly baked sourdough.

A massive plus – the portions are generousโ€ฆ



You can wash your lunch down with cold-pressed juice, almond mylk or a matcha latte.

Raw Press Super Juice

The juices range from a pre-workout Coffee & Mylk or a sweet Carrot & Orange juice, to the hardcore veg only Super Green. In the words of Raw Press themselvesโ€ฆ โ€œBrace yourself for a green tonic so potent that your taste buds will be recalibrated and your cells zinging.โ€

If youโ€™re thinking this place sounds great, well, there is more! The cafe set up is brilliant – with free Wifi and plenty of plug sockets, you could easily set up camp and have a productive couple of hours tucked away. There are toasters on some of the tables, so you can make your own nut butter toast for breakfast whilst catching up on emails. What a dreamy situation that is! Multi-tasking heaven.

Hardihood Cakes - Raw Press

Raw Press have a couple of London cafes, one on Dover Street in Mayfair beneath Wolf & Badger, and another on Chelsea’s Ellis Street โ€“ a short walk from Sloane Square tube station. If you happen to be in Notting Hill, you can also pick up the delicious Raw Press juices from the Wolf & Badger store on Ledbury Road.

Wellness warriors such as Madeleine Shaw, Deliciously Ella and the Hemsley sisters are all big fans, so if youโ€™re after a lunch supercharged with the healthiest food nature has to offer, pop down to Raw Press and fill your boots!

Ruth x

Raw Press Cafe Front


This post originally appeared over on Fitness Blogger Zanna Van Dijk’s website as a guest post by yours truly ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out Raw Press at where you can find out about their Juice Cleanses and Cafes.

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant – London Review

Neatly tucked away from the bustling mayhem of Oxford Street is Ethos vegetarian restaurant. “Deliciously Different” is the mantra atย Ethos, and itย certainlyย lives up to this. ย There isย a self-serve menu, with tonnes of fresh and inventive dishes to choose from. All of the dishes areย clearly labelled, with plenty of amazing vegan and gluten free options too. It’s a little gem!

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - Salad Spread

Each of the dishes are really tasty, and together totally delicious.ย  I love that you can have a bit of everything, and can cut out the 20 mins trying to decide what to have! I am the worst for that, so this is a welcome change. The only challenge is not to go mad and pile up the plate too high…
Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - Christmas plate

There is a luxurious feel about the place, gold and white details and of course the tall birch trees adorned with flowers. All making for a gorgeous interior. Did I mention the flowers? So gorgeous, itโ€™s woodland dining.

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - The Vegan Edit at large!

A few of my favourites are the vegan lentil pie, the sweet potato chips and the kale & mandarinย salad.


Ethos Alchemy Restaurant - Deliciously Different

Ethos is a great place to go if youโ€™ve given alcohol up for lent (well done you!) as there are loads of delicious alternatives such as my favourite Jarr kombucha, fresh juices and elderflower presse. ย  Although, if you do fancy a tipple there is a carefully curated organic vegan wine menu too, and a cocktail list including a divineย espresso martini.

Ethos Elchemy Restaurant - "Detox" Superjuice

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - Gorgeous flowers

Whilst the desserts are delicious, I do think theyโ€™re slightly too pricey.ย  Tiny weeny squares of cake are ยฃ4 which is pretty insane if you ask me.ย  I canโ€™t help but to compare the desserts to those at Wild Food Cafe (read my review here) which are far better value for money and much tastier.

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - Dessert Spread

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant - Green Juice

If you’re out shopping on Oxford Street and need to re-fuel, or meeting friends after work and looking for a central location I’d recommend popping into Ethos vegetarian restaurant for a plate of something deliciously different.

When you do, let me know what you think?

Ruth x

Wild Food Cafe – London Review

Tucked away in Neals’ Yard Covent Garden is the enriching and enchanting Wild Food Cafe.ย  Its on the second floor of one of the beautiful and colourful buildings with painted blue windows and vines climbing up the front. ย To me this place is is more like a sanctuary, I often pop inside to re-fuel after a hectic day.ย It’s just as prettyย as it sounds, and the whole vibe of the place is magical too. You can taste the love that goesย into each and every one of the unique menu options, and everyone who works there is happy and friendly.

Wild Food Cafe is founded on more than just the sharing of amazing nutritious food, it’s founded on a strong sense of community and the coming together of people. I think this is what makes it such a special place to visit. Inside, there are large communal tables to sit around which gives it an open and inviting feel. If you go by yourself, you’re likely to leave with some new like-minded friends!

Enjoying raw dessert at Wild Food Cafe

After one particularly busy week, and with no Friday plans, I took myself off for dinner. I decided it was just what the ‘self-care’ Dr would order – an indulgent and nutritious meal. I joined a table, sitting opposite a lovely chap called Barney. Fresh from inter-railing around Europe, he shared some of his travel stories with me, and we bonded over our mutual love of all things healthy – we’ve kept in contact ever since!

Wild Food Cafe – The Menu

The menu is an adventure into raw vegan creations. It’s really imaginative and vibrant. All the dishes are a riot of tastes, flavours, colours and textures. The ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and organic producers. It’s great to know what while you are enjoying the incredible food, you are also supporting farmers and local businesses.

Wild Food Cafe Falafel & Burger

Depending on what you’re after, the menu ranges from smaller soup and raw cracker dishes to curry with kelp noodles, burgers or raw pizza. The menu is always seasonal, which means the food is always super flavoursome and deliver maximum nutritional value.

Wild Food Cafe Falafel - The Vegan Edit

The desserts are in a league of their own, and ‘I want to lick the plate clean’ kind of delicious. Most of them are sprinkled with petals, and all of them are gorgeous.

Wild Food Cafe Desserts - The Vegan Edit

There are loads of different drink options too; biodynamic wines, juices, smoothies, medicinalย mushroom teas, kombucha – all the good stuff!

Wild Food Cafe - Chocolate Smoothie

Wild Food Cafe - Power Smoothie

In the Summer, the sun streams in through the windows, and in the Winter fairy lights hang from the ceiling and around the window frames. No matter when you visit, this place always has a glow.ย  I don’t think there is anywhere so pure and comforting to eat out. Nourishing for your body, tastebuds and soul – guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Walk through the door of Wild Food Cafe and you’ll find out where all the wild ones areโ€ฆ just remember to arrive hungry so you have room for dessert!

Wild Food Cafe - Raw Millionaire Slice

Next time you’re in the Covent Garden area of London, be sure to check this place out. It is a must visit for any foodie, especially the vegan ones.

Ruth x

Farmacy Notting Hill – London Review

If youโ€™re on the search for a chic new brunch hang-out, a healthy lunching oasis or some detox dining, then Farmacy in Notting Hill is your wellness mecca. There are so many good reasons why everyone is talking about this place.

In my opinion, this is one of the best health-food restaurants in London. Located on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, Farmacy is well placed to cater for the fashionable health-conscious locals. From the outside, it actually looks like a pharmacy crossed with a florist, with all the luscious plants in the windows. However once you step inside, itโ€™s clear this is not your typical pharmacy, or restaurant for that matter.

Farmacy's Stylish Interior

The stylish interiors are impressive.ย  Light-filled, huge, gorgeous garden-inspired dรฉcor with gorgeous bronze details โ€“ a delight to admire whilst you wait for your table (there is a no-reservation policy).

The menu has a good variety of options, all packed with nutrients and free from gluten, sugar and dairy. The best sort of food to put a spring back in your step!ย  There are dishes from around the world, and all are vegetarian or vegan.ย  Youโ€™ll find hero dishes such as the Farmacy burger (millet, black bean and mushroom โ€“ served with chips and goji ketchup), the pumpkin, coconut and lemongrass curry and the sourdough pizza. I recommend the buckwheat breakfastย pancakes as a great way to start the day.

Farmacy's Buckwhat Pancakes

Whilst the focus is very much on fresh, seasonal and nutritionally balanced meals, indulgence and comfort food are still a firm feature.ย  Youโ€™ll find artisan cocktails, cake and โ€˜nice-creamโ€™ on the menu.

My personal favourite: a raw banoffee pieย confected from a biscuit base with bananas, maca caramel and coconut whipped ‘cream’. The ideal vegan treatย for when you fancy a spot of indulgence.

Farmacy Raw Banana Pie

The Alchemy Bar serves novelty syringe shots (ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lemon โ€“ fire starter), as well as cold-pressed juices and a range of nutritional juice cocktails, organic wines and beers.

Farmacy's Iced Matcha Latte & Witches Brew Juice

I must confess, I have a soft spot for any business with a strong environmental conscience.ย  Everything Farmacy do is about promoting sustainable living, which means big brownie points.ย  All the ingredients are sourced from local organic UK farms, so the food is good for you and good for the planet – Win-win.

Anyone in favour of plant-based diets or guilt-free indulgence will love this chic vegetarian and vegan restaurant. In their own words, Farmacy has โ€˜everything to nourish and inspire health-conscious food lovers with fast-paced livesโ€™. With its delicious menu, elegant dรฉcor and stylish bar, Farmacy is bound to appeal to people who are reluctant to try meat and dairy-free dining too. Find yourself a date ๐Ÿ˜‰ and pop down to Farmacy for some good clean fun!

Dining at Tredwells: London Restaurant Review

As a food lover in search of the best vegan meals, there’s nothing more exciting than finding an unexpected gem right in the centre of London. Since I first discovered Tredwells, I’ve had so many wonderful meals there and keep goingย back for more. It’s locatedย right in the heart of Theatreland, a hop-skip-jump away fromย Leicester Square on St Martin’s Lane.ย It’s one of my go-to restaurants when I am meeting friends in Central London.

Whilst I spend most of my time exploring theย healthy cafes and vegan eateries, there are occasions where I’m looking for more of a fine diningย restaurant, luxury setting or a menu that suits omni’s too. ย Tredwells is Marcus Wareing’s ‘Casual Dining’ restaurant, and it ticks all the boxes. In my experience it’s rare to findย a ‘meat serving’ restaurant the does such delicious vegan food!

What keeps me coming back…

Let’s start with the food…

To start, I’d recommend the fresh green olives and rosemary & potato bread to nibble on whilst you decide what to orderย – absolutely moreish! Honestly, these are the nicest olives I’ve ever had – they are so fresh.

Tredwells - Nibbles

My go-to starter is the harissa glazed aubergine with peanuts,ย coriander, coconut cream and chilli. I’ve tried this dish a few times now, and it is always just as delicious as the first time.

Tredwells - Aubergine Starter

The bar menu has something to please everyone, with beautiful cocktails – so good that you’ll savour every sip!

Tredwells - Cardamon Gin Cocktail
Gunpowder Gimlet –ย Opihr Gin, cardamom, green tea, lime

If you’re visiting in the Winter, be sure to try the Mulled Wine Bellini. ย Absolutely divine!ย I had a bit of an addiction to these over Christmas.ย I persuadedย the bar manager to share the recipe and ordered some of the liquor to make theseย Christmassy drinks at home for family and friends to create little bit of Tredwells at home!

The vegan mains on the menu are changed regularlyย and are always ‘lick-the-plate-clean’ impressive.

Tredwells - Butternut Squash w Hazelnut Sauce
Butternut Squash Ravioli with Kale & Hazelnut Sauce

I would always encourage everyone to try the vegan options, however for those more stubborn diners the Menu does cater for meat eaters too. That said, it means it’s a great place for an occasion meal such as a family Birthday. It’s rare to find an omni-restaurant that has amazing Vegan options, although recently forย Veganuary many restaurants have uppedย their game which is F A B !

Tredwells - Field Mushroom Ravioli with Spring Onions and Shallot Sauce
Field Mushroom Ravioli with Spring Onions and Shallot Sauce
Tredwells - Courgette Fritters w
Fritter with Courgette Ribbon Salad

Ruth at Tredwells


The overall atmosphere isย friendly and relaxed. In the mornings, the breakfast vibe is sophisticated – think newspaper reading and eau de latte! At Lunchtime there is more of a hustle and bustle, with a mixture of classy tourists and city slickers floating in. ย At dinner, the spaceย feels suave and cosy. Trendy, without the usual stuffiness you sometimes get at such well awardedย restaurants.

Service?ย Impeccable. The staff are friendly, helpful and more than happy to share their ‘secret’ cocktail ingredient.

Dinner will set you back at around ยฃ90 for two with drinks.

Tredwells is well worth a visit, so contact that friend you’re overdue a catch-up with and book in a mate date. I promise you it’s a great way to beat the January blues.

Ruth x