Who says healthy can’t be scrumptious? Flax & Kale is Barcelona’s best healthy restaurant for nutritious juices, healthy dishes and beautiful design!

F&K Rainbow Juice


Eat better, Be happier, Live longer – is the motto of Flax & Kale. A motto well worth remembering in everyday life to motivate you to reach your health & fitness goals. Opened by Theresa Carles, a sustainable veggie restaurant pioneer in Spain, Flax & Kale attracts models and artists as well as locals and tourists. It’s a beautifully designed space inspired by Soho restaurants in New York.  Bright, spacious and a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!

Theresa calls Flax & Kale a ‘flexitarian’ restaurant, no red-meat is served, but there’s a giant menu of vegetarian and fish dishes. 80% of the menu is plant based, and everything is clearly labelled as raw/gluten free/vegan.  It’s one of the most incredible healthy menu’s I’ve seen, gave me the ‘eye’s bigger than belly’ syndrome big time!

In their words ‘We feel passionate about feeding you better thus you can be happier and live longer with an optimal health’ – Amen to that!! The range of options on offer is huge – there’s raw starters, fresh salads, tacos, gluten-free pasta, not to mention the most incredible selection of smoothies, nut milks and cold-pressed juices. I’m deadly serious when I say that the hardest part of the day was deciding what to order!

F&K Breakfast

Eventually I decided on an Acai Bowl with banana, blueberries, chestnut crumble, agave syrup, hemp seeds and goji berries + a Green Love Juice of apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon.

Flax & Kale Barcelona F&K Breakfast Acai Bowl

The juices, milks and smoothies need a special mention as they are all made with nutritious organic ingredients. To maximise and preserve all the nutrients, Teresa and her team use a huge cold-press machine imported from the U.S. There is a Juicery and a whole room dedicated to making the perfect beverages – serious dedication!  Obviously I couldn’t resist a second visit to this gem, the second time reserving a spot in the outside area they have in the edgy Raval square. There’s also a gorgeous rooftop garden that is quieter and perfect for enjoying a laze in the afternoon sun.

This has to be the best health food hang out in Barcelona. Theresa’s Juicery alone is enough to make a health nut like me giddy at the knees! I highly recommend a visit… or two! I had to make one last drop-in to pick up a piece of Teresa’s Rainbow Cake & an ‘Antiox’ Juice for the trip to the airport, leaving me with a healthy and happy glow!

If you’re off to Barcelona for a long weekend this Summer, make sure you check out this awesome restaurant.

Some of the amazing items on the menu….

Quinoa and Blueberry Muffin
Acai Smoothie Bowl with Hemp Seeds + Goji Beries
Chia Flax Bagel
Kale Salad w Sprouts + Nori Seaweed
Raw Vegan Lasagne
Coco Masala Chai Nut Milk

Flax & Kale, Carrer dels Tallers, 74, Barcelona

F&K Theresa's Juicery

When you visit this gem, let me know what you think 🙂

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