Smoothies are such a great way to pack a load of nutrients into one quick and compact meal. Those who swear to be allergic to the kitchen can easily throw a smoothie together and whizz up something tasty! In fact, you’ll find even the most health-food averse enjoying a blend that includes sneaked spinach, kale or avocado, with some well-planned healthy smoothie recipes.

Smoothies are a really key part of my diet, helping me to be healthier, happier and more energised. They’re such a simple way to cram more healthy foods into my day.  I’ve pulled together a handy guide to the basics of building your own nutritious smoothie, a few healthy smoothie recipes, and some info on how smoothies can help you feel better, eat healthier, and manage your time more effectively.


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Why smoothies are your new best friend

Working out? – Whether pre, post or during a workout, you need the right fuel to get the most out of it.  A superfood smoothie will boost energy, muscle mass and help build/re-build your protein cells, optimising recovery and performance.

Home from work late? – Blend up a quick smoothie as a light and nutrient dense dinner. Including protein powder or oats will make it surprisingly filling!

Slow starter? – Super-charge your morning with a hydrating health-kick. You can even get the ingredients ready the night before so you can make an energising breakfast in just a few minutes!

Under the weather? – Support your immune system with a natural hit of vitamins and anti-inflammatory plant compounds. As a nutrient dense and vitamin rich choice, smoothies are a great way to help your body fight off illness.

On the go? – Smoothies are a great snack when you’re rushing out the door, or are out and about. Almost all other ‘fast-food’ options lack sufficient nutrients, and are even detrimental to your health.  Smoothies are a great convenience meal for those of us living a fast-paced life!

Done right, Smoothies can contain vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fats – a macro- and micro-nutrient complete drink!


The Vegan Edit - Nutribullet Healthy Smoothie Recipes


Smoothie Building Blocks

BASE LIQUID: Filtered Water, Coconut Water, Plant Milk such as Almond Milk, Vegetable Juice (Fruit Juice is too high in sugar so avoid including regularly), Herbal Tea (such as Green Tea)

GET FRUITY: Of all the fruit to include, berries contain the most anti-oxidants and have the lowest sugar content. Frozen berries are a great addition to any smoothie.

GO GREEN: Think Kale, Spinach, Watercress, Lettuce, Cucumber, Coriander, Basil, Mint etc.  Buy organic if possible as leafy vegetables and cucumber test higher for chemicals and pesticides. (Check out the 12 most important foods to buy Organic on the Environmental Working Group’s website here)

MAKE IT CREAMY: Banana, Avocado, Soy/Coconut Yoghurt, Oats,

SWEETEN IT: Add a few Dates or Prunes, or a sprinkle of Cinnamon, Maca Root Powder or Baobab Powder.

POWER UP: Plant-based Protein Powder (My favourite is Hemp Seed Powder), Tahini (sesame seed butter), Seeds, Nuts, Nut butter.

BOOSTERS: Add fresh Ginger, ground Flax Seed, Goji Berries, Turmeric, Chia Seeds and superfood powders such as Maca, Lacuma, Baobab, Spirulini, Chlorella, Wheatgrass etc

Experiment by mixing flavours and ingredients and you’ll soon be creating your own healthy smoothie recipes.  You can even get creative and make a lovely smoothie bowl if you make a thicker mixture…

The Vegan Edit - Almond Smoothie Bowl - Healthy Smoothie Recipies


I’d recommend adding a daily smoothie to your routine – they couldn’t be easier to make!  Superfood smoothies provide a nutritional boost that is ideal for our hectic lifestyles. They’re the ultimate supporter of a healthy diet… and the ultimate fast food!

Green Smoothie Recipe

This recipe contains lots of anti-oxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory herbs to get your skin glowing and energy levels up. This combination is great after a hard workout – the coconut water rehydrates and the amino-acids, maca strengthens bones and muscles to help prevent injury.

1 Avocado

1/4 Cucumber

Large handful of Spinach

2 teaspoons of Hemp Protein Powder

1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric

150mls of Coconut Water

Small handful of parsley

Handful of Blueberries

2 Teaspoons of Maca Powder (or your superfood powder of choice)


The Vegan Edit - Berry Blitz Smoothie - Healthy Smoothie Recipies


Berry Smoothie

The Berries in this smoothie make it very high in anti-oxidants. Oats are rich in Manganese and provide slow release energy. Flaxseed is high in fibre and contains essential fatty acids. The Hemp Protein Powder is easily digestible meaning more effective absorption of nutrients. This smoothie is a meal in one!

2 Large handfuls of Berries

1 Banana

1/2 cup Organic Oats

2 teaspoons of Hemp Protein Powder

400ml Almond Milk (or another Plant Milk)

3 teaspoons of Ground Flax Seed

2 teaspoons of Organic Coconut Oil


If you have any questions or need extra tips just ask in the comment’s below.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your smoothies!

Ruth x

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