Well, here I am in Bali living the dream and eating at all the awesome vegan cafes when I discover the obsession with all things healthy has no limits here. I’ve found a vegan toxin-free nail spa that is all about earth friendly beauty and maximum relaxation. Jackpot! Maria Curau is a super cute nail spa and lifestyle store nestled amongst the beautiful rice paddies of Pererenan and it is a slice of cruelty-free heaven…

To start I think it is worth explaining why a vegan nail salon needs to exist. Some of you might be mistaken for thinking it is unnecessary or a fad. Far from it. Even if you are super new to veganism or clean beauty, you most likely could guess that most nail polishes are tested on animals. This isn’t so surprising, given that most beauty products involve huge animal cruelty to bunnies, dogs, rats etc. However, what if I told you that regular polishes often contain crushed beetles, fish scales and animal fat? Oh, and what about those epic gel manis that you love getting on a Friday lunchtime…? Well Shellac is actually beetle poo, for real! Shellac is made from the excretion of the Lac bug. Gross! Not to mention the rest of the toxins in nail polish…

Maria Curau - non-toxic

Now you can understand my happiness at discovering this holistic nail spa that the vegan gods have gifted us, I’ll carry on with the review…

The first thing you are greeted by is the epic location. Maria Curau is in Pererenan, a quick 5 minute scoot through the beautiful rice paddies from Canggu. Perfectly placed next door is the cafe Kinoa, a self confessed ‘Clean Eating Bar’. So for us health conscious peeps this location is bang on! These two are a great match for a healthy wholesome and luxurious pamper day.

Maria Curau - Lifestyle Shop Display

The first room of the salon has gorgeous lifestyle pieces and homeware. You can pick up gifts for friends, trinkets for yourself and pieces to decorate your home with. A great insider tip is that you can buy the most gorgeous soy candles from Maria Curau, and nice candles are really hard to find in Bali! You can thank me later expats 😉

Maria Curau - Lifestyle Shop

I picked up a cute headscarf for days when I fancy a more fun outfit, or just have bad hair! I love it – I feel playful and cute when I wear it. I wish I’d bought two now…

Maria Curau - Accessories

On arrival you are welcomed with smiles (of course, it is Bali!) and home made Kombucha. Dreamy!

Maria Curau - Kombucha Delivery

I visited Maria Curau on the recommendation of a friend who owns a big salon in the states, and she knows her stuff! This is guaranteed the best nail spa in Bali for service and attention to detail. The nail technicians are really expert, and take so much care to really prepare your nails for the paint. You know sometimes this part is rushed? Not here, your nails will look amazing before the polish has even been chosen!

Oh, and there is a tonne of choice for colour…

Maria Curau - Nail Polish Wall


One of the selling points of this salon is that it is non-toxic and cruelty free. All the polishes are from Kester Black, made with organic ingredients and perfect for us conscious consumers who prefer a more natural mani and pedi!

Back to the service… everything is luxurious and well thought out. Not only do you get a hand and arm massage, but you also get a head and neck massage whilst your nails are being prepared. It is realllllly heavenly and relaxing.

The team are really talented artists with an eye for design. A two second scroll on their Insta and you’ll see they are incredible at creating unique nail art designs – tropical, glam, edgy, intricate – they can do it all! I decided to go for a more simple design with fun colours, and a touch of metallic gold too.

Maria Curau - Toxin Free Nails

I loved my trip to Maria Curau, and am super thankful to my friend Sam for introducing me to this awesome nail spa! If you’re in the area, it is a must visit.

Maria Curau - Bali Nails Finished

If you’re feeling inspired to switch up your polish collection to toxin and cruelty free (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), here are some awesome brands I recommend…

For more cruelty-free and clean beauty, check out these posts. I’d love to see what nail art you get at Maria Curau so if you visit please tag me in your Insta photo @theveganedit – and if you are inspired to upgrade your polish collection let me know what you go for!

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