If you’re trying Veganuary, you’ll have no doubt found frozen food a super helpful for those evenings when you feel like you need a bit of help!  There are always those days when bunging something in the oven and steaming some veggies feels like all you can manage.  That’s when you need some of these vegan frozen food heroes to hand.

The explosion of Veganuary means there are now loads more vegan frozen food options to help us have the kindest, feel-good and tastiest plates. Heck, every damn supermarket has just launched a new range! When I visit my family in different parts of the country, I’m always excited at all the local supermarkets having so many options to try. If you’re able to get online deliveries like Ocado, that’s one way to get access to a larger range of vegan frozen food products too.

For the newer vegans, and the curious who want to try some of the epic new products out there, I’ve rounded up some of my favourites for you…

These GoodLife burgers are my absolute favourite (Nut Burgers are #1) – they take barely any time to cook under the grill and taste great with green veggies, baked beans or chopped up in a wrap! The ultimate quick easy dinner. You can get these in Holland & Barretts, Waitrose, and independent health food shops. These are super simple and extra tasty due to the careful ingredient parings – parsnip, carrot and cashews – a winning combo! I love to drizzle a quick homemade tahini sauce on these baby’s…

Fry’s Family Foods do a really great range, available from Ocado, Holland & Barretts, Wholefoods and Morrisons.  They are so so good for a super quick dinner. They make great ‘party food’ for kids, or if you have unexpected guests to cater for, handy to have a few boxes in the freezer. I am working my way through the whole range, and everything so far has been amazing. I recently had the sausages as part of a big vegan brunch with friends at home!

Linda Mcartney’s food products have always been widely available and popular for good reason.  Recently the range has become a lot more vegan friendly, rather than just vegetarian. A tonne of new delicious options have just launched such as Mini Wellington Bites and Hoisin Shredded Duck. Seriously, these are so delicious they don’t stay around for long.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I absolute love cooking, I sometimes get caught short on a Sunday with no good food in, and it’s after 4pm when the shops are shut. This is when I’ll happily stay at home and put the oven on for some of Linda’s best comfort food. This Hoisin Duck is so so quick to cook and is a mega crowd pleaser – Vegan Frozen Food Heaven!

Cauldron’s new range are super tasty, and great if you prefer vegetable burgers/sausages rather than the faux meat quorn/protein ranges. These are delicious with a kale salad, although they are quite small burgers so I ate the whole packet in one go when I tried them. I’ve seen these recently on offer in Waitrose too!

If you’ve not tried any of these ranges before, I would recommend giving them a go.  There are tonnes more than this, but these are awesome brands to stock up on when you’re just getting started or needing some quick easy meals to hand. It’s great that there are so many delicious plant-based foods that are convenient for those hectic weeks and most supermarkets have ‘own range’ versions not too – EPIC!

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