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Best Vegan Cookbooks – My 10 Favourites

Maybe you’ve enrolled in Veganuary (Yipeee!), want to spice up your vegan cooking repertoire, or just fancy trying out some new  recipes for your ‘new year new me’ health kick. Whether your motivation is for health, animal-welfare or environmental reasons, Veganism is growing at a huge rate and it is easier than ever to avoid animal products.  Whatever your motivation,  it definitely helps to have some epic and inspiring cook books to hand!  When I first went vegetarian and then vegan, I borrowed a stack of vegan cookbooks from my aunty and they really helped in teaching me some of the tricks and techniques to give my cooking some sparkle!

We all know January is the month of staying in and watching Netflix, but I actually love to have more sociable relaxed dinners with friends instead (check my recipes here!). For me, January is where I like to build up momentum for the year ahead, and fuel up on good vibes! Having friends over means we can discuss our 2018 goals, plan holidays together, and enjoy each others company on a budget! For those reasons, it’s a great time of year to invest in some new vegan cookbooks so that you can impress your friends, family and yourself with some delicious, nourishing recipes!

If you’re new to vegan cooking, my main tip would be to celebrate the many amazing ways that plants can be made into incredibly beautiful, tasty and exciting dishes!

Here are some vegan cookbooks that I personally love, constantly revisit and thoroughly recommend for a healthy dose of plant-powered inspiration…


I first came across this cookbook by Aine Carlin when I was travelling in Bali. One of my now favourite little cafes Bukit has a cookbook shelf which I was nosing through to discover this gem. It is really great value and often available under £5.





For those of you who struggle to do the whole ‘salad’ thing, this book is for you. It’s suitable for those of you whose cooking skills are #basic right up to those who like a kitchen challenge. This book is full of sass and hilariously written information and recipes.





This cookbook is the first one my aunty and I go to when we are planning a family dinner party. This is the type of book that will become super dirty and full of page markers. An absolute classic and must-buy for those of you who are looking to get an arsenal of practised recipes up your sleeve so you are ready to impress!





You could say I’m cheating a little big here, but Angela has also released a follow up book with quicker everyday recipes in.  Her recipes are fool proof!





For recipes of a more exotic flavour, Afro Vegan is full of African recipes by renowned chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry. Really vibrant dishes and flavour-packed recipes. A great book to try if you are wanting to expand your culinary expertise!




Now no vegan cookbook list could possibly be complete without at least one from Deliciously Ella! She practically started the ‘clean eating’ whole food movement, and she certainly knows a thing or two about how to make those veggies sing. A must have for your carefully styled recipe book shelf. Are you even a plant-based eater if you don’t have a Deliciously Ella cookbook?




Whilst Lucy Watson has been a vegetarian since she was 6 years old, she is fairly new to the vegan foodie scene. This book has only recently launched but has already become a top recommendation by PETA.. and now me 😉 This book is great for those who prefer quick and easy recipes, as there are a few cheeky shortcuts included in these recipes!





This is probably the lesser known book from this list, however it really is fab. I borrowed it from the library and ended up ordering it pretty quickly after! What I love is that every single recipe has a photo and the recipes are really accessible, without too many fancy ingredients.




If you’re a gym bunny or cross-fit addict then this might be the vegan cookbook for you. Personal Chef Maya Sozer has pulled together some super delicious recipes that focus on satisfying the most active athletes. Every recipe writeup includes detailed nutritional breakdowns so if you’re counting your macros this one is a super helpful addition to spice up your meal planning.




There is a great blog called No Meat Athlete which offers tonnes of great advice and guidance for athletes, trainers and weight training lovers. They created a cookbook full of easy and affordable recipes, perfect for quick post-gym dinners and balanced lunches that tick off all your macro-nutrient requirements.




Here is a useful roundup of the my top-10 vegan cookbook recommendations…


So I think this list should keep you busy for Veganuary and beyond. Enjoy cooking and let me know which vegan cookbooks and recipes are your favourite! For more vegan recipe Inspo check out my recipe section too 😉The Vegan Edit - Thanks for reading