Maria Curau – Bali’s Vegan Nail Spa

Well, here I am in Bali living the dream and eating at all the awesome vegan cafes when I discover the obsession with all things healthy has no limits here. I’ve found a vegan toxin-free nail spa that is all about earth friendly beauty and maximum relaxation. Jackpot! Maria Curau is a super cute nail spa and lifestyle store nestled amongst the beautiful rice paddies of Pererenan and it is a slice of cruelty-free heaven…

To start I think it is worth explaining why a vegan nail salon needs to exist. Some of you might be mistaken for thinking it is unnecessary or a fad. Far from it. Even if you are super new to veganism or clean beauty, you most likely could guess that most nail polishes are tested on animals. This isn’t so surprising, given that most beauty products involve huge animal cruelty to bunnies, dogs, rats etc. However, what if I told you that regular polishes often contain crushed beetles, fish scales and animal fat? Oh, and what about those epic gel manis that you love getting on a Friday lunchtime…? Well Shellac is actually beetle poo, for real! Shellac is made from the excretion of the Lac bug. Gross! Not to mention the rest of the toxins in nail polish…

Maria Curau - non-toxic

Now you can understand my happiness at discovering this holistic nail spa that the vegan gods have gifted us, I’ll carry on with the review…

The first thing you are greeted by is the epic location. Maria Curau is in Pererenan, a quick 5 minute scoot through the beautiful rice paddies from Canggu. Perfectly placed next door is the cafe Kinoa, a self confessed ‘Clean Eating Bar’. So for us health conscious peeps this location is bang on! These two are a great match for a healthy wholesome and luxurious pamper day.

Maria Curau - Lifestyle Shop Display

The first room of the salon has gorgeous lifestyle pieces and homeware. You can pick up gifts for friends, trinkets for yourself and pieces to decorate your home with. A great insider tip is that you can buy the most gorgeous soy candles from Maria Curau, and nice candles are really hard to find in Bali! You can thank me later expats 😉

Maria Curau - Lifestyle Shop

I picked up a cute headscarf for days when I fancy a more fun outfit, or just have bad hair! I love it – I feel playful and cute when I wear it. I wish I’d bought two now…

Maria Curau - Accessories

On arrival you are welcomed with smiles (of course, it is Bali!) and home made Kombucha. Dreamy!

Maria Curau - Kombucha Delivery

I visited Maria Curau on the recommendation of a friend who owns a big salon in the states, and she knows her stuff! This is guaranteed the best nail spa in Bali for service and attention to detail. The nail technicians are really expert, and take so much care to really prepare your nails for the paint. You know sometimes this part is rushed? Not here, your nails will look amazing before the polish has even been chosen!

Oh, and there is a tonne of choice for colour…

Maria Curau - Nail Polish Wall


One of the selling points of this salon is that it is non-toxic and cruelty free. All the polishes are from Kester Black, made with organic ingredients and perfect for us conscious consumers who prefer a more natural mani and pedi!

Back to the service… everything is luxurious and well thought out. Not only do you get a hand and arm massage, but you also get a head and neck massage whilst your nails are being prepared. It is realllllly heavenly and relaxing.

The team are really talented artists with an eye for design. A two second scroll on their Insta and you’ll see they are incredible at creating unique nail art designs – tropical, glam, edgy, intricate – they can do it all! I decided to go for a more simple design with fun colours, and a touch of metallic gold too.

Maria Curau - Toxin Free Nails

I loved my trip to Maria Curau, and am super thankful to my friend Sam for introducing me to this awesome nail spa! If you’re in the area, it is a must visit.

Maria Curau - Bali Nails Finished

If you’re feeling inspired to switch up your polish collection to toxin and cruelty free (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), here are some awesome brands I recommend…

For more cruelty-free and clean beauty, check out these posts. I’d love to see what nail art you get at Maria Curau so if you visit please tag me in your Insta photo @theveganedit – and if you are inspired to upgrade your polish collection let me know what you go for!

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A Guide to Healthy Vegan Cafe’s in Uluwatu

The food in Bali is just incredible, there are loads of healthy cafes and restaurants all of which have menu’s chock full of nourishing Vegan cuisine!  The hot climate and rain bursts mean that there is an abundance of tropical fruit and vibrant vegetables, meaning there is lots of delicious and fresh food to feast on! There are lots of healthy vegan cafe’s in Uluwatu so you really are spoilt for choice, and could easily have 5 hearty meals a day and not run out of awesome options.  The hardest decision of the day is deciding where to go what to order!

Having been to Bali twice this year (I can’t get enough!) I’ve crammed in a lot of foodie research that it would be rude not to share…

Uluwatu is a must visit location, a surfers paradise with idyllic views and a super chilled out vibe. Here are my tops health food hangouts!

Temple Lodge

Temple Lodge is a laid-back boutique hotel right on the cliff front above Bingin Beach.  Offering daily yoga classes and a million dollar view, the restaurant is the perfect spot to grab some breakfast after a yoga class, or lunch after a morning at the beach.   The menu includes Ayurvedic juices, coconut porridge and tempe noodle bowls.  A lovely hidden gem, this place offers a quiet haven from which to soak up the ocean views…

The Cashew Tree

Another gem serving healthy fresh food, The Cashew Tree is within walking distance of Bingin beach.  All the food is locally sourced and organic, with the menu featuring kombucha, smoothies and raw desserts! Dishes include Tempe Soba Noodles, Burritos and Rice Paper Rolls.  On Thursday’s the place goes off, with live music and partying!

Yoga Searcher

One of my firm favourites, I already have a whole post dedicated to this awesome organic restaurant.  I’d recommend visiting for breakfast and arriving hungry – I usually order a coffee, juice, smoothie and main dish like these beautiful vegan pancakes!  As a fully fledged yoga haven, facilities include luxury poolside huts,  yoga classes, a cute shopt and a spa where you can book a massage.  There are also weekly evening detox sessions (think sauna –> steam room –> ice bath –> steaming hot pool –> camp fire!) that you can enjoy before a nourishing dinner…seriously epic.  Located on the main road towards Uluwatu Temple it’s easy to find, so you’ve no excuse not to drop in!

Bukit Cafe

Another cafe with serious credentials is Bukit, located on the main strip between Bingin and Padang Padang it’s a great place to pop into between surf sessions.  It has has super friendly staff, a delicious menu and a mountain of fresh coconuts by the bar – what’s not to love!  Offering the obligatory avocado on toast, veggie fajitas and vegan pancakes there are plenty of vegan options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, plus a fridge full of raw desserts!

Single Fin – Nalu Bowls

Whilst Single Fin is mainly renowned for it’s huge Sunday night parties, there’s a softer side to this legendary clifftop venue.  Bali’s famous smoothie bowl bar Nalu Bowls have a shack at Single Fin.  It’s the perfect place to spend your morning – enjoying the gorgeous views of the ocean and checking out the surfers doing their thing!

The Badest Bowls in Bali | @nalubowls | with the Badest view in Bali | @singlefin_bali | via @xploreyourfit ??

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Reminiscing about all my favourite healthy vegan cafe’s in Uluwatu has me longing for the tropics – there is such a relaxed vibe there! Together with the incredible food, friendly people and stunning scenery, I miss this special island and it’s safe to say I will be back again soon!

Ruth x

Healthy Flight Essentials – My Top Tips!

Eating well and staying healthy while travelling can be a little tricky, but after a few painful long-haul flights you soon get the hang of it! I’ve learnt the importance of preparation in order to have a healthy flight. There are some super useful essentials to pack for on the plane and when you arrive at your destination.  Travelling with these essentials to help keep me energised, hydrated and free from the dreaded jet lag.

Have a healthy rejuvenating trip with my top tips for a healthy flight…

I prefer to eat before and/or after my flight, and avoid eating plane meals as much as possible.  They are full of preservatives and so I always make sure I pack some nutritious, healthy and filling snacks keep me going instead.  As flying makes me feel sluggish and a bit bloated, for me it’s always best to eat light and focus on staying hydrated. For me, flying is more about the time to focus on myself, read a book, catch up on podcasts, watch a movie, and journal. I love flying for these reasons!

On my recent trip to Bali, I made sure to eat before my 9pm flight and then packed the below snacks for the journey.

healthy flight essentials

I like to take a few superfood powder sachets that contain probiotics to make sure my gut health is tip top!  I shake these up into a coconut water or bottle of mineral water.  Cacao protein balls are a no brainer – delicious and filling. You can of course make all your own homemade healthy snacks or just pop into your local health food shop to pick up some snack bars. It’s handy to have a few on you during a holiday too if you’re going to be active.  Making your own trail mix is another great idea – a bag of nuts, coconut flakes, goji berries, caco nibs, raisins, seeds etc.

One AMAZING tip is to pack a flask! I picked up this cute floral one for a super long trip from Sydney to London – it is brilliant. You can bring a few bags of your favourite herbal teas and ask the flight attendants to fill your flask with boiling water for you.  That way you don’t have to suffer with a tiny weeny cup of tea.

healthy flight flask

Another great tip is to pop a nugget of fresh ginger in your flask before you fly so that you can have fresh ginger tea.  Ginger tea improves circulation, relieves nausea, reduces inflammation and is antibacterial – everything you want when you’re stuck on a super long flight.

It goes without saying to pack a big bottle so that you can get water re-fills.  I take my favourite water filter bottle from Invigorated Water which removes any impurities or heavy metals.  By bringing your own bottle you can keep tabs on your intake much easier. It’s well known that flights are extremely dehydrating so having a large bottle is really important to help you stay hydrated.

I like to spritz my face regularly throughout the flight – it’s refreshing and hydrating on the skin. I really like a facial spritz by Swiss Phytomedics.  It is completely plantbased and full of botanical nutrients such as Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Mandarin.  It is also free from any nasty chemicals and is vegan friendly.

I also pop in a few miniature face treatments and hydrating masks for the flight – when I’m buying my toiletries for a holiday I ask for some product samples. A great way to keep your skin hydrated and an opportunity to try new products. Win win!

If you know someone who is traveling soon and needs these tips, please share this post with them! I’m sure they will thank you for it – let’s spread the wellness hacks far and wide!

If you’re jetting off soon, you can Amazon Prime some of these goodies below…


Enjoy your flight and let me know if you have any fab tips to share in the comments below 🙂

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The Elephant Restaurant, Ubud

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud is nestled up on the hillside just off the main road through Ubud.  The menu is 100% vegetarian, and the ethos is focused on sustainability and ‘Earth friendly food’.  In their words ‘we strive to be an ethical business and are recognized by the slow food movement for our environmentally aware and socially fair work practice’ – full marks for conscious cuisine!

The location is idyylic and they definitely get the prize for the best view.  The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Tjampuhan Ridge.

At £3-£4 for a main meal such as coconut noodle soup or a huge salad, you are truly spoilt for choice here. Almost all dishes can be adapted to be Vegan, and there are loads of delicious sides and extras on offer.

There is a huge menu of healthy drinks – Kombucha (pro-biotic fermented tea – really delicious!), fresh juices, smoothies and even cocktails served in a pineapple!

The Rosella Kombucha is delicious, a favourite drink of mine and a great replacement for wine if you’re avoiding alcohol.

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud - Rosella Kombucha

The Strawberry Cooler didn’t last long…

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud - Strawberry Cooler

I really did try an awful lot of items from the menu, as soaking up the view from the comfy sofa was just what I needed after a busy morning! This is the Mango & Dragon Fruit Smoothie…

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud - Mango Dragonfruit Smoothie

If you’re after a cocktail then Spike’s Jungle Fever is one to try – Absolute, muddle fruit, lemon basil, lime & honey, served in a whole pineapple!

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud - Beverages

This is the White Tiger Salad which is a beautifully presented combination of green leaves, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori and cucumber. Nutritionally dense and fresh, this salad is chock full of vitamins and minerals. I chose the lemon tahini ginger dressing which was divine!

The Elephant Cafe Ubud - White Tiger Salad

What does The Elephant’s philosophy of Earth friendly food mean? ‘We are trying to create food that is delicious and health to eat but which doesn’t endanger the health of the planet in it’s making’.

I love visiting and discovering amazing sustainable and health restaurants like here at The Elephant.  It warms my heart to support businesses that put so much effort into providing an incredible experience whilst focusing on working closely with the environment.  The team at The Elephant grow their own herbs, filter rainwater, use recyclable packaging, 75% of food is locally produced, 60% is Organic and they are taking steps to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

The Elephant Restaurant Ubud - Green Juice

If you’re off to Ubud, be sure to check out The Elephant for a lazy afternoon soaking up the view and a menu that will leave you spoilt for choice!

To get the seats with the best view visit the website to book a table: The Elephant Restaurant Ubud

Happy Travelling,

Ruth x