Healthy Habits: How to Eat Healthily on a Budget

If you’re a savvy shopper and love to make your food budget go further, then a vegan diet is ideal. Eating deliciously healthy vegan food is super purse friendly, and there are some simple tips that can really help you to be a smart shopper. How to eat healthily on a budget is something that I’ve been practicing for the last few years. I share tips with friends, family, housemates, and once even my Uber driver! There’s no reason why healthy eating needs to be expensive, and there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re spending wisely and stretching your budget further. Check out these top tips…

The Cupboard Foundation

Initially, when you first change your diet to be healthier the first shop will be a bit of an investment.  You need to set a strong foundation of ingredients for your cupboard. Getting the basics right really helps, however, once you’ve done this you’ll just be topping up each week. Key ingredients will be things such as tahini, coconut oil, quinoa, tamari soy sauce, almond butter, nuts and other dried goods.

Dry Food Aisle

Some of the cheapest food at the supermarket are the beans and lentils in the dry food aisle.  Great news then that these are also super healthy and full of fibre. Great in salads, soups, curries and side dishes, they’re also a strong nutritional addition to a main meal. Energising and versatile, these are your core kitchen friends! They can be used to bulk out stews and soups, and are full of amazing plant proteins.

Bulk Up

If you have the space, then bulk buying ingredients is a great money saver. You can buy kg bags of grains, seeds, nuts and beans at great value if you order online. Amazon, Healthy Supplies and  Whole Foods Online are great places to shop. You might be able to order through your local independent health store too.

Focus on Simple Food

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest superfood craze and end up with a basked full of powders, tonics, raw chocolates and peculiar looking bits and bobs. I love health food stores, and could easily spend £100 in ten minutes.  Instead, I aim to stick to a shopping list to avoid blowing the budget.  Simple, but effective – go prepared with a shopping list and most importantly stick to it!

Preparation is Key

If you plan meals that suit your routine, and your workout/social schedule, you’ll find your food bill will go down. It’s the daily trip to the shop buying food on a whim that results in a big monthly food spend. Plan to make extra dinner for the next day’s lunch, and you’ll save lunch money too. Sunday’s are a great day for a chilled prep session, so plan these into your week and get ahead of the game.

Stock Up on Leftovers

Make extras, and have leftovers for lunch the next day or freeze some for future. You’ll save money and time, and have food ready for the end of the month when budgets are tight. Or even better, those days when you’re feeling totally ‘over it’ and cant’ be arsed to cook…

Visit Your Local Food Market

Farmers markets tend to be much cheaper than supermarkets. Most areas have good foodie markets running at weekends. You’ll also be supporting local business, and the food will have a lower carbon footprint. It’s a lovely weekend activity to mooch to the market!

Be a Savvy Organic Shopper

I’d rather buy organic where possible, however there are certain foods that are better to eat organic. The Environmental Working Group research extensively, and they’ve produced a list called Dirty Dozen. These twelve foods are the worst for absorbing pesticides and fertisliers, and are best to buy organic. There is also a Clean Fifteen list of fruits/veggies that aren’t worth buying organic. Healthy savvy shopping right there!

Stick to Seasonal

Not only are seasonal products tastier, they are much cheaper. Imported food is more expensive so it’s worth learning which foods are in seasons and incorporating these into your monthly meals and weekly meal plan. Again, buy British products just as they’re ripe and you’ll get more for your money!

Frozen Food is Your Friend

I always make sure I have certain foods in my freezer – frozen berries for smoothies, frozen garden peas, edamame beans, green beans, sweetcorn. I have frozen soy mince, sausages, and often a Fry’s, Cauldron or Linda McCartney burger/sausage pack for an easy weekend brunch.

Store Food Properly

Make sure you look after your ingredients as well as possible. Keep lids sealed, airtight containers handy and oil rich foods such as nuts & seeds need to be kept in a cool dark airtight place. I store nuts and seeds in old jars in the fridge as they stay fresher for longer. I also freeze almond meal, ground flax seed and matcha tea pouches so they stay fresh. Oily foods go rancid quickly if they get hot or exposed to oxygen.

Hearty & Homemade

You can easily learn to make condiments and sauces at home. Hummus is so easy to make, and it’s much tastier fresh and homemade too. Overnight oats or porridge with a banana and sprinkle of nuts/seeds are both super cheap breakfast ideas that are nutritionally balanced. You don’t need to be fancy every day, (but if you want to be, that’s ok too!). Stews, soups and curries are a great way to make big meals for very little money. As mentioned above, bulk out with beans and lentils, you’ll have meals for days!

Enjoy incorporating these tips into your routine to eat healthily on a budget, and please share your own tips in the comments below 🙂

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PRESS Soup Cleanse Review

So I’ve wanted to do a cleanse for a long time now, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do one…I’ve been missing out BIG TIME! I decided to take my first dive into the world of juicing by trying the one-day PRESS Soup Cleanse which has just launched. Having a specially designed programme delivered was a whole new experience, and it was awesome! As a fully fledged cleanse convert I thought I’d better share a bit more about what a cleanse is, how it can benefit you, and what I thought of the soup cleanse programme.

So what’s the idea behind a cleanse?

A cleanse is a diet designed to give you body (and especially digestive system) a rest, in this case with nutritionally rich juices and soups. When consuming pure plant based juices and soups, your body is flooded with key minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Importantly, by having a cleanse that is a mix of cold-pressed juices and nourishing soups you don’t feel too restricted.

Ultimately, in the words of the PRESS team – “It’s about breaking habits, giving your body a rest and finding the healthiest version of you”.

Which cleanse did I do?

I decided to go for the ‘Energise’ programme as it has been designed for those with a more active lifestyle.

This was the menu for the day;

Charcoal Lemonade

Greenhouse 1 (Green Juice)

Skinny Veg Broth

Thai Coconut Soup

Orchard 2 (Fiery Apple & Ginger Juice)

Butternut & Beetroot Soup

Vanilla Leche (Almond Mylk)

It might not look a lot, but trust me it’s filling enough to get you through the day no problem!

PRESS Soup Cleanse - The Vegan Edit Review

What are the benefits?

Breaking your food routine means you can reset your habits and start a fresh. The boost of vitamins, minerals and enzymes is really beneficial to your body, and will help to improve your complexion and skin quality too. It’s also a great way to kick start a healthier lifestyle, where you are more mindful of what you put into your body and how your body responds to different foods. A way to spark a new way of thinking and a healthier happier daily regime.

The team at PRESS say… “You will be left feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges with a little more spring in your step”.

Amen to that!

What do I like about this soup cleanse programme?

Firstly the ethos of PRESS is awesome – Let us dream, let us never stop trying, let us laugh, let us make someone else’s day, let us live in the moment…. Let us live the juice life

What I like most about the PRESS Soup Cleanse is the combination of juices and soups – the mix of the two is such a simple and effective idea. I like to think of this as more of a foodie-friendly cleanse, as the variety means that you can look forward to each of the delicious flavours throughout the day. The soups are warming and savoury, and the juices are sweet and fresh. Both are super nourishing and balanced, created by the in-house nutrition team in LA!

The juices are cold-pressed which means they retain the highest amount of nutrients. Each recipe is specially formulated with rejuvenation in mind – with ingredients chosen to reduce inflammation, boost immune system function, aid digestion etc. Most importantly, all the juices and soups are super tasty!

PRESS Soup Cleanse - The Vegan Edit Review Greenhouse 1

So.. how did my cleanse day go?

It was great to hit the reset button and give my digestive system a bit of a rest.  I loved feeling lighter and knowing that I’d had such a nourishing diet. It was also really great to have a break from cooking for a change. I can honestly say that each and every one of the juices and soups are delicious. There is a Queen of the Cleanse though, I must give a huge shout out to the Thai Coconut Soup – it is mind-blowingly tasty. Seriously, it’s the best soup I’ve ever had (and I eat a lot of soup!). I know this sounds ridiculously high praise, but it’s completely true – this soup is the bomb! I was really surprised at how awesome all of flavours were, the PM drink Vanilla Leche is another winner. What better way to finish off the day than to have a sweet nutty mylk to sip while I read the latest issue of Women’s Health.

PRESS Soup Cleanse - The Vegan Edit Review Almond Leche

The day after..

I slept really well and woke up feeling light and energised. I did my usual 7am pilates class, managing a great workout with the usual strength and energy from start to finish. I was really surprised that I didn’t feel hungry as my tummy is usually rumbling in the mornings. It goes to show that the Press soup cleanse is a great way to re-set your appetite too. I found I ate a lot less than usual and felt in control, rather than being ravenous come lunch time or dinner time – a welcome change! I noticed feeling more thirsty, which is hopefully a good sign.

I really enjoyed doing the cleanse and genuinely think it is a really well designed programme. Delicious, easy and effective. Certainly something I think is well worth doing every month or so, or to give you a boost if you’re a bit off track.

*Update* it’s been nearly a week since I did the cleanse and my stomach is still really flat, I’ve not been bloated, I’m eating less (I’ve not felt like over-eating, which makes a change!) and feeling super light and energised! Amazing 🙂

If you fancy trying this awesome one-day Soup Cleanse I urge you to go for it. The team at PRESS have been kind enough to offer you a special 15% off with the code VEGANEDIT …so you might as well go for it. For more information and to order visit www.press-london.com

I’d love to hear how you get on, so let me know in the comments below!

Ruth x

PRESS Soup Cleanse discount code

PS. I love sharing great health, fitness and wellbeing products that I genuinely think are awesome. I wrote it independently, and won’t be making any money from the code when you use it 🙂

8 Healthy Self-Love Habits to Start Today

The whole self-love thing is being talked about a lot right now, and with good reason. It’s become conventional wisdom that we’re all supposed to love ourselves, no matter what our relationship status. The common phrase being ‘the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself’. However, most people still aren’t sure what self-love even means, how to go about it, where to start or what to call it. With that in mind and with Valentines day messages all around us, now is a good time to remind ourselves of the basics and how we can show ourselves some more love.

Self-love means different things to different people. It’s such a personal thing and everyone has different ways of showing self-love. The good thing is that the more attention you give your self-love practice, the more it will grow.

Self-love can be all of these things and more…

Being proud of what you’ve achieved. Embracing the things that make you different. Allowing yourself to dream big. Owning your inner and outer beauty. Making time to do what you love. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and not criticising yourself for them. Appreciating and accepting yourself, all of yourself!

Unfortunately, many of us will not love and appreciate ourselves fully until we have achieved a particular goal, be it losing weight, getting the job or the pay-rise, or the boyfriend/girlfriend and so on. But, if you start to work on your self-love now, you’re more likely to achieve these goals and be the most vibrant and powerful version of yourself.

Since there is no better time than now to get started, let’s dive right in. Do yourself a favour, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and have a go at incorporating some of these self-love practices into your everyday routine.


Fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive. If you are properly fuelled you will have more energy to do the things in life that you love. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore.


Move that gorgeous body of yours every single day and learn to love the skin you’re in. Get those feel good endorphins swimming around your body on a daily basis. Spending time stretching and strengthening your body will help you to connect to yourself and appreciate all the wonderful things it does for you.


Have a digital detox and spend some time winding down and getting centered. Have a bath, light some candles, put on a face mask, moisturise, make a cuppa, get cosy and read a book. Hygge at it’s best. When you take time out for yourself like this, it’s a chance to unwind and relax. Your mind and body deserve a good rest.


There is a mean critic inside of us that can cause trouble when we believe it. Rule number 1, don’t believe everything you think. Definitely stop the comparisons. There is no one on this planet like you, so you cannot fairly compare yourself to someone else. The only person to compare yourself to is you. Be your own champion by celebrating your wins no matter how big or small. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have achieved. Even if it is getting up on time, drinking lots of water, or smiling at your neighbour.


Everyone needs a support team around them – cheerleaders if you will. Positive energy is contagious, so surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. There’s nothing like spending time with friends and family who empower you to be yourself. Conversely, end all toxic relationships. Seriously. Anyone who you feel drags you down and drains your energy is not worth your time.


Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s an incredible the feeling when you realise you’ve achieved something that you didn’t think you could do, or you’ve faced a fear. Go and do the things that get you excited but also scare you at the same time. With every challenge comes the opportunity for growth.


Writing a list of what you are grateful for is a great daily habit. It’s inevitable that you are going to have your down days, you are human! But it’s especially important on these days to find at least one thing you are grateful for as it helps to shift your perspective to focus on the positives.

If you find your head swimming with thoughts, empty it onto paper. No matter how crazy, mean, sad, or terrifying they are. Write it in your journal, or burn it. Either way, let it go.


Set aside time to do what you love. Doing what you enjoy and are good at is a self-esteem booster. It will not only boost your endorphins, but will bring out the best version of you. If you love to cook, then cook. If you love yoga, get your butt to a class pronto! Most importantly, keep up the routine of doing the things that bring you joy.

Be patient and persistent. It’s something that needs to be practiced daily but can take a lifetime to master. So be kind and support yourself through the hard times. Love is a choice, so make the choice to put some time and energy into loving every little bit of yourself, starting now!

Ahhh, I feel better already 🙂

Ruth x

Good Mood Foods to Beat the January Blues

Food has a HUGE ability to influence your mood – for better and for worse.  When the cold and dull January weather is getting you down and the New Year resolutions are a distant memory, it’s easy to self-medicate by binging on comforting carbs and sugary snacks. This short term fix won’t shake those January blues, in-fact you will most likely crash and end up feeling worse. Instead, integrate more of Mother Nature’s good mood foods into your meals to get your mojo back!

Keep this list of all-natural, science-backed mood boosters on hand for when you need to add some brightness to a gloomy day and want to eat your troubles away…



I know, it’s almost too good to be true, but there is a reason why chocolate always seems to make things better! Raw chocolate, or Cacao Beans, are among the richest natural source of antioxidants that, improve blood flow to our brain resulting in increased concentration and focus. Cacao also contains Magnesium, an essential nutrient required for the biochemical reactions in the brain that boost your energy levels – no wonder it’s known as a superfood.  Just one small square of dark chocolate (70% cacao) will cause the brain to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels.

Try this smoothie for a serotonin boost: Blend together 2 tsp raw cacao powder, 1 banana, 100ml almond milk, ½ tsp maca powder, 1 tbsp chia seeds, pinch of ground cinnamon and 1 tbsp soy yogurt.


Brazil nuts are by far the richest source of selenium, an essential nutrient for humans.  Low levels of selenium have been linked to anxiety and tiredness, so increasing the levels of this mineral in your body may help to improve your mood, especially if you are deficient. Just 4 nuts per day will provide you with your recommended amount of this mineral.


Bananas contain vitamins A, B6 and C, fibre, potassium, phosphorous, iron and carbohydrate. The carbohydrates in Banana aid in the absorption of tryptophan in the brain, and the vitamin B6 helps convert the tryptophan into serotonin. This helps to boost your mood and also aids sleep.


Lentils are another complex carbohydrate that help increase the production of serotonin in the brain. They also help to stabilise your blood sugar levels, keeping your mood even. And finally, lentils can help boost your iron levels, which will give you a nice shot of energy.


Spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus and other dark green leafy vegetables are high in essential B vitamin, folate.  This nutrient helps create feel-good brain chemicals. Harvard researchers found that boosting the folate levels of depressed patients helped improve their mood. Have more green juices, stir spinach into your curries/soups/stews and order a side of greens when you’re eating out.


Make sure you eat regularly and have a healthy snack on hand, as if your blood-sugar dips you may notice you feel irritable, tired and depressed. To keep your sugar level steady choose foods that release energy slowly such as protein foods, oats and wholegrains, nuts and seeds.

For years, studies have looked into the effect of vitamins and minerals on physical and mental wellbeing. A deficiency in certain nutrients can lead to feelings of depression, fatigue and a general lack of enthusiasm.  However, making key nutrients a regular part of your diet can work to reduce mood swings and boost your mood. If in doubt – eat the rainbow!

Good Mood Foods - Eat The Rainbow

Keeping your mind and body nourished with good food is just the start. Feeling happy and relaxed is about keeping those little things in check.  Stretch, breathe deep, get some fresh air, walk in nature, laugh with friends, meditate, and read a chapter of that book you’ve wanted to start for ages…

Sending you some good mood food vibes,

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Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Winter is well and truly here and blimey it’s cold!  At this time of year when everyone seems to sniffle and the weather gets us down, it’s a good idea to get a health head start.  Aside from eating a wholefood plant-based diet, there are a few more natural ways to boost your immune system even further. As they say, prevention is far better than cure!

The cold weather and pre-Christmas frenzy often means our health suffers, stay energised all winter by eating more of these powerful foods that support immune system function…

Immune System Saviours

  1. It might seem the most obvious, but Vitamin C is crucial to a thriving immune system! It’s the premier vitamin for immune function. Vitamin C helps protect cells against damage – your best friend when you’re coming down with the sniffles.  Try drinking warm lemon water in the mornings, eating more citrus fruits or adding some vitamin-C rich Baobab powder to your smoothies or porridge.
  2. Turmeric has been having a superfood moment recently, popping up on health-food menus all over. Far from being a faddy ingredient, turmeric has been used for years and years.  It contains curcumin which countless research studies prove is anti-inflammatory. It’s so powerful, it’s often used in treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as improving the immune response.
  3. Garlic contains the active ingredient allicin, which fights infection and bacteria. Numerous studies have shown that eating garlic regularly reduces the likelihood of catching a cold.  Add fresh raw garlic to your sauces and dressings, or make some delicious fresh garlicky hummus.
  4. Mushrooms have been a diet booster for many centuries, particularly for supporting a healthy immune system. Studies have shown mushrooms to increase the volume and activity of white blood cells, making them more effective. When you have an infection try adding shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushrooms to your cooking or try a comforting mushroom latte.
  5. Ginger is famous for its knack at reducing indigestion, nausea and calming the digestive tract. As well as being an effective antioxidant, ginger is anti-inflammatory and acts as a decongestant for clearing sinuses, nose and throat.
  6. A GIANT green juice made with leafy greens will give you a boost of antioxidants such as Vitamin E that is important in maintaining immune system function. Juices are a quick and easy way to get a hefty dose of nutrients all in one go! Incorporating more vegetable juices into your diet as liquid nutrition is a great way to ensure your diet is optimal.
  7. Vitamin D is one of the main energy sources for our white blood cells, which defend against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Our bodies can make vitamin D from sunlight, so it’s important to get outdoors.

More than just food…

Whilst there are some great ways to support your immune system through nutrition, make sure you are also looking after yourself in other areas too.  Aside from diet, pay attention to your body.  If you’re feeling run down or tired, schedule in some self-care and get an extra bit of rest. There is a really strong link between stress and immunity, so staying calm and positive is as important as ever during winter.

Here’s to a healthy winter season 🙂

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(This post originally appeared as a guest post for Raw Press Co – You can find it here)