ZenUbud is next door to the Viceroy, which goes some way in helping explain how unbelievably incredible the location is.  The complex is made up of three villas all perched on the edge of the rice paddies, overlooking the lush green jungle.

Villa1 ZenUbud - The Vegan Edit

ZenUbud Villa - View of Pool - The Vegan Edit

Located just outside Ubud, you get to experience peace and tranquility that’s only a stone’s throw away from the bustle of Bali’s cultural heartland. The best of both worlds.

It’s easy to see why this place stole my heart…

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ZenUbud Garden - The Vegan Edit

ZenUbud is pretty exclusive with only 3 villas, so it’s lovely and quiet; we didn’t need to share the pool at all during our 3-day stay.

ZenUbud Boutique Villas - Bali Infinity Pool - The Vegan Edit

ZenUbud Infinity Pool - Rosie - The Vegan Edit

This has to be one of the most gorgeous and affordable infinity pool views.  The same view 1/4 mile down the road at the Viceroy is £600+ per night!

Rosie - ZenUbud - The Vegan Edit

Even the bathroom is incredible, open to the elements, with a view looking out across the valley.  Fitted with a rain shower, so that you can enjoy the view while you wash.  I can’t imagine any shower beating this one!

ZenUbud - Bathroom View - The Vegan Edit

You get a front row seat to mother nature’s best show, with loads of gorgeous tropical birds flying by.  One morning we spent a good half an hour laughing at a family of Monkeys playing in a tree over the way while we ate our breakfast.

ZenUbud Villa View - The Vegan Edit

Enjoying the sunset from the comfort of the infinity pool when we first arrived was a definite ‘pinch me’ moment. The villa staff even brought us down a welcome cocktail to enjoy while we made ourselves at home.

ZenUbud Boutique Villa - Infinity Pool

ZenUbud Villa - Pool - The Vegan Edit

This place comes into it’s own in the evenings …

Imagine the crickets singing, the fireflies glowing, a sea of stars overhead, and the warm evening air all mingled with the smell of jungle flowers and incense. Truly magical.

ZenUbud Villa - The Vegan Edit - Sunset

Although we had a kitchen in our villa, and there are chefs on site that can cook for you, we decided to order a takeaway as we knew exactly what we wanted.  You can get the most incredible salads, the food is so amazing and fresh.  A great decision if I do say so myself…

We opted for trying Alchemy, an organic vegan café that was on our health cafe hit list.  ZenUbud is barely 15 minutes outside Ubud, so it wasn’t long before we were setting up for a feast!

ZenUbud Villa - Alchemy Takeaway - The Vegan Edit

Coconut Kefir - The Vegan Edit - Alchemy Cafe

How insanely cute are the takeaway boxes made out of banana leaf? Eco-friendly and adorable.  We chose to get a mixture of things to share; a juice, smoothie, coconut kefir, salad, budda bowl and raw chocolate dessert.

ZenUbud Villa - Alchemya Organic Dessert - The Vegan Edit

Alchemy Green Juice - ZenUbud - The Vegan Edit

You can see from the photos that ZenUbud is the ultimate tropical paradise.

Unsurprisingly we decided to stay on an extra night here, as we couldn’t bear to leave.  Heaven on Earth!

If you’re ever visiting Ubud (which is a must fyi), then definitely stay at ZenUbud. The location, quality and affordability make it the ideal base from which to explore all the Balinese culture.

I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Ruth x

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